"Africa is, indeed, coming into fashion." - Horace Walpole (1774)


la politique c'est pas bon

So, for what it's worth (in my view, not much), as of Saturday, Congo officially has a new constitution and a new flag. That news passed almost unnoticed here in the Kivus, where what happens in Kinshasa has very little to do with daily survival. And if it doesn't have to do with daily survival, most people really don't care.

Anyway, the constitution does a number of interesting things. It lowers the minimum age to be president to 33. This was done so that the current president can legally be the president. It creates 16 new provinces, because more is always better. And because managing a country the size of Western Europe in ten administrative units was a bit of a challenge.

And finally, lest you think African politics are all that different from American politics, the new DR Congolese constitution bans same-sex marriage. I can't imagine that was really a concern here. Politicians using a nearly irrelevant social issues to get votes for their real agendas? Shocking!


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