"Africa is, indeed, coming into fashion." - Horace Walpole (1774)


i've got roots growing down to the water

So today I went back to Gisenyi. Twice. After going yesterday to pick up the FedEx package that would not come. Nothing happens in Africa unless you go to the place where it should happen, so I'd imagine they hadn't even thought about sending it from Kigali until I got there yesterday.

Anyway, while I was waiting, this long line of teenage boys walks by. They were wearing kerchiefs and khakis and were singing songs about unity and working together. And every single one of them was carrying a sapling. And I stood there on the main drag in Gisenyi and thought about how ten years ago, they would have been in militias and isn't it nice that now teenage Rwandan boys can do something productive like planting trees on a Saturday morning.

And then an armored personnel carrier with a soldier manning the machine gun rumbled by. So much for my high ideas.

In other news, I am pleased as punch about Project Runway and, having viewed the final collections, think Santino's is the best, but that Daniel might win.

And Holly Hollman is such a rock star.


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