"Africa is, indeed, coming into fashion." - Horace Walpole (1774)


saying good-bye, why is it sad?

Some fun pictures from various going-away parties. Thursday night at Maudie's was great, although it was so funny how people self-segregated. We had four tables of ten and it was hilarious how people just grativtated to their groups - work, church, kids, and a fun mix at the other table..

the ex-roommate, who kept the table of random people from lots of places chatty and happy AND who brought Texas seasonings as a going-away present - you are the best!

the "people with pre-schoolers" table

And the kiddos came in after playing a silly practical joke on me.

The Government department table

I so completely failed to get a picture of the CLC/church table. Sorry, y'all!

Saying good-bye to my sister at Truett.

Dinner in Memphis at a really good Thai place. Christine the Lobbyist who's a friend from camp thinks I should give nicknames to everyone on my blog (eg, call her the Intrepid Government Relations Genius). I think this would take some time and thought, but it might solve the Steve problem. If you have a preference on what you'd want to be called, let me know.

Speaking of people who already have nicknames, it was also fun to see The Great and Powerful Ploz in Memphis. Except that she's now Dr. Great and Powerful Ploz, which doesn't have the same ring to it.

Dinner in Franklin with close friends from high school and growing up - always fun.


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