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All the excitement about the championship has overshadowed my normal depression that always sets in this time of year. College football season is over, not to return for eight long months. Sure, there's the playoffs and the Super Bowl coming up, but, well, (confession time): I don't really like pro football. It's the same game on a higher level, I guess, but it's not the same when you can buy your team. I know that college football is a bigger business every year, but there's still something more pure about it, at least in my head. For once I agree with Chris Fowler.

Austin is a little bit less happy now that Vince is leaving us (why, Vince, why?), but it's still lots of fun to be here. And, really, we all understand. I went to the Co-op on Friday and it was total chaos, as was the campus every night this weekend. Sunday I tried to get some shots from up on the hill by DKR and there was a traffic jam. On Sunday night.

If you've been under a rock and missed the Tower over the weekend, there' s a celebration at the stadium on Sunday night at 5 and they'll light it one last time. Also, the Statesman has a great album of readers' pics from Pasadena. It's lots of pictures of cute children and cute Matthew McConaughey hooking 'em. Ahem.


Blogger Emily said...

I posted the same photo of Mr. McConaughey. Too funny...

My husband prefers the pros - he just thinks it's a better game, higher level. But he's a fan of the sport, not just one team. I think from a fan perspective, college is indeed more "pure" and steeped in tradition than the pros. At least this has been my observation after attending many Vols and Titans games.

Tuesday, January 10, 2006 12:30:00 AM


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