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no time for losers

Now that it's been a week since our victory over those California boys, the quality merchandise has finally arrived in stores and there's a bit more of a selection than last week, when you just had to stand and wait until the Co-op brought out the design you liked in, say, a medium, long-sleeved version. Here's what I've gotten and have my eye on:

University Co-Op
The Co-Op has lots of tacky designs and a few cute ones. I had a little rebate money, so it was a no-brainer to spend it on stuff, but the t-shirts overall are disappointing.

I got this one but am thinking about taking it back. It's not my favorite design, but it does have the score on it, which will be nice for taunting the OU section with next year at the Cotton Bowl. What would be really cool is if someone would print something with their score vs. USC and ours.

The other shirts I got are not on the Co-Op website, but they're available there and around town as well. One says, "I (heart) VY" in the New York style with a burnt orange longhorn. Oh, wait - it's on CafePress and unlike the Co-Op, they have it in a women's style. So that's going back.

The other is available as a baseball/raglan style shirt or with cuffed sleeves and neckline, both in burnt orange, and says, "Heisman?" on the front, and "We don't need no stinkin' Heisman!" on the back. Cute, cute, and perfect for wearing to GameDay Live before the Ohio State game in September.

Finally, in the "other" category, I picked up a collapsable national champions koozie, which is selling for $2 more in store than on the website and will come in very handy at ACL (please, please stop serving Pepsi!), and a burnt orange Nalgene bottle, which is going to the Congo.

Longhorns Limited
Being as parking is a tiny problem in that area of campus, I haven't made it to Longhorns Limited yet, but maybe today is the day. This shirt is really cute, but I really like this one with the team signatures as well.

If you want to be really obnoxious, start using one of these at work/church/school.

I also love the "V" stickers (in the "W") style that are appearing around town. Anybody know where to get these? There's an "M: the Coach" sticker here. Wednesday I also saw a "Vince is my son" sticker. Indeed.

There's a whole mess of stuff on Cafe Press, mostly devoted to our man Vince. The Vince 41:38 stuff is really funny, and I want to ship a whole mess of these to Reggie Bush.

Long story short, there's lots of ways to spend your money by commemorating the Longhorn victory. Happy shopping!


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