"Africa is, indeed, coming into fashion." - Horace Walpole (1774)


leavin' soon. good-night, darlin', good-night, moon

Things I am going to miss:

  1. My family. Calling my mom in the middle of the day when I need advice. Lunch with my sister in Waco or Austin, or Salado if we're busy.
  2. Live music.
  3. Nervous breakdown lunches at Shady Grove. (But not the grackles. G, we're never sitting outside again. Ew.)
  4. The big, blue Texas sky. The larger-than-life Texas sunsets. The big, bright stars at night. (Look at this picture, taken in December from the Frank Erwin Center, and tell me God's not a Texan.)
  5. Late afternoon walks on the ranch. The way the light hits the leaves and fences out here.
  6. Gilmore Girls on Tuesday nights. And the quilting discussions about the week's episodes during which we talk about the GG's like they're real people.
  7. Having a Derby Party on my birthday.
  8. 8. My cute little car with the top down on a perfect spring day in western Kerr County, right by the river.
  9. 9. New music.
  10. 10. My cute boots. And my old ratty boots. And having choices about fashion and footwear to begin with. But especially my cute boots. They fit so perfectly and I'll drag them to DC to wear up until it's time to go to Dulles, but I just can't put them through Africa.
  11. Wearing a fabulous hat on Easter Sunday.
  12. My church. My Sunday School class. Teaching the GA's. These sweet girls made cookies for my last night last week and promised to pray for me while I'm gone. I will miss getting to hear their fun "questions of the week" and watching them learn about the world, missionaries, and how they can love God and others right here in Austin.
  13. Long, late night talks with close friends. Free nights and weekends starting at 7. Voicemail.
  14. Maudie's, Guero's, and El Chile. Salsa.
  15. The use of tap water for drinking, brushing teeth, and getting stuff clean without a fear of catching something. Reliable electricity.
  16. SXSW. This year's lineup is awesome. The Minus Five is playing. Marty Stuart and His Fabulous Superlatives are playing. Tres Chicas who sing that song I LOVE is playing. Clap Your Hands Say Yeah is playing. Everybody's playing. All that for a $105 wristband and the free stuff during the day and, oh, I have to stop looking at this list it HURTS!
  17. Rowing on the smooth, glassy surface of an empty (except for the birds) Town Lake on Tuesday afternoons in the dead of winter.
  18. Washington County when the bluebonnets are in full bloom. Bluebonnets everywhere. Wow, that's so sad - I haven't missed the bluebonnets since my first year of living up north. (The picture is me and the doctor, somewhere near Waco a few years back.)
  19. 19. The sport that is Texas politics in an election year. A special or two and the primaries will happen this spring. Tom DeLay will probably drop out of his race while I'm gone, the Abramoff thing is going to get worse and worse, and Kinky "Jesus Loved BBQ" Friedman will try to get onto the ballot for November, which, while he doesn't have a shot at winning, will make some other races really interesting. There's a whole lot of people in this state who'll turn out to vote for Kinky and no one knows how they'll vote for the rest of the races on the ballot. Wow, it's going to be fun!
  20. Driving off to some small town with just-a-friend to get unbelievably yummy bbq on a Saturday afternoon.
  21. Youth ministry. Missing the graduations of some kids who are really special. Being really involved in planning Camp CLC.
  22. Fabulous Grady, the genius at Kenneth's who cuts my hair. I've never been as happy with a stylist as I am with Grady - he's just so good.
  23. March Madness. Because my brackets are always awesome. Strange but true. (The Doctor's theory was that bracket-time is the only time when women are completely able to separate emotion from their decisions, and when men are completely ruled by their emotions.)
  24. Target. Although I think I've purchased six months' worth of stuff there in the last few days.
  25. Little guilty pleasures. I'm so addicted to Project Runway, but I won't get to see what happens (Chloe all the way!). And I won't hear the latest stupid-and-I-hate-myself-for-loving-it Brad Paisley song until July. No Lucky?!?


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