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i wanna go two-steppin'

Well, the ex-roommate and I finally got around to seeing Brokeback Mountain tonight. My goodness, what a depressing movie. It's good, though, once you get past the adultery and the sheep and all. The cinematography and setting are beautiful and the acting is fantastic. I was surprised at how good Heath Ledger is, and Michelle Williams has perfected the art of looking betrayed (five seasons of watching Dawson choose Joey over her has nothing to do with it, I'm sure). Jake Gyllenhaal is just tall, dark, and adorable in his black hat ('cause he's the bad one).

What makes the film powerful, though, is its overarching themes about the choices we make, which is apparently a reason that Focus on the Family actually kindof liked some of the movie. Their response is typical, but what really struck me was the way that the characters' choices were constrained by notions of what their lives were supposed to be like. None of their choices are easy, but as a result of choosing to start families while being in love with each other, they end up making other really bad choices that nearly kill them both and that cause them to really hurt those around them. Perhaps I'm projecting (The whole film I could not stop thinking about the D.A. and his inability to choose well, but that's another topic.), but this is a good take on how we choose who we'll love and the kind of life we live, and I was glad to see a film that stuck to the story and didn't make any of those choices easy. Life's rarely so black-and-white.

Unless of course you're talking about Ennis and Jack's hats.


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