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get your mojo on

Well, you can just be the coolest kid in school if you manage to get yourself onto the team/cast of the sure-to-be shortlived TV version of Friday Night Lights. Come on. Why should this be a television program? It was a great book and the movie was surprisingly good, but there's no way you can make Permian interesting for weeks on end. Plus, you've almost got to air it on Friday night, which is where shows go to die. (Except for best-show-ever NOW with Bill Moyers, which he chose to end before it was time. David Brancaccio, you try so hard, but it just isn't the same. Please come back, Bill. I'll even make a donation to KLRU. And you don't have to send me a mug or a sweatshirt.)

Anyway, if life is passing you by and you want to be a star on the fake gridiron, the casting calls are Tuesday and Wednesday at Austin Studios (the ones at the old airport). You need playing experience and you can't have remaining college eligibility. I'm guessing that you also can't have an aversion to people like Tim McGraw playing your dad, which pretty much rules out everyone I know.

7 months and 13 days until the season opener. Sigh.


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