"Africa is, indeed, coming into fashion." - Horace Walpole (1774)


fresh wind and bright sky

My weekend was crazy, but fun. Midwinter was great. We were a little small (only 5 of the 21 churches in our camping association decided to come, but it turned out to be a great group because none of the uptight people came. Our guys won their football game, the preaching was awesome, and for the first time in recent memory, it didn't rain. It was lots of fun to catch up with kids from my church and other churches and hear about their adventures and dreams for the future. One kid who 1) nearly drove me crazy last summer and 2) is an incredibly talented songwriter has an internship at Ray Benson's recording studio, another kid is off to see Europe this summer, and so on. Lots of fun and, given the status of my dissertation proposal (Friday = lots of crying), it was really nice to get away for a weekend. Plus, we took our group picture on a pirate ship.

Last night, Allison, Brian, and I went over to the stadium for the Mack Brown Coronation / National Championship Victory Party. There were probably about 50,000 people there to cheer on the Longhorns and say good-bye to Vince. Senator/Pi Phi Kay Bailey Hutchison got up to talk about being a cheerleader at the first national championship and everyone politely cheered. Then Governor/Emperor Goodhair (seated as far from KBH as possible) stood up and got booed for being 1) an Aggie, 2) an Aggie cheerleader, and 3) one of the worst governors in state history. It was pretty funny and kindof tacky - the boos were actually louder than the cheers.

The rest of the evening was exactly what you'd expect, lots of enjoying the moment. When Vince stood up to speak, it started to sprinkle, and Allison turns around and says, "Wouldn't you know? Not only does he win the national championship, he also breaks the drought!"

All in all, a good weekend. We looked at the Tower lit with the #1 one last time, then headed off to Curra's to meet friends and enjoy a perfect night in Austin.


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