"Africa is, indeed, coming into fashion." - Horace Walpole (1774)


blue days blue days all of them gone

So one of the very interesting things I learned on the way to Franklin the other day is that there are Texas in Africa readers who are complete strangers. Not to one another (although I'm convinced that everyone I know is connected to everyone else I know), but that there are people reading this very post who aren't my friends or family.

I am intrigued (and a tiny bit frightened) by this fact, but then there are blogs I read that are kindof personal. I guess. (Not this personal. But whatever. There's room for everyone at Texas in Africa. Mi rants and pointless time-wasting es su rants and pointless time-wasting.) Anyway, that got me thinking about the audience, and, well, the drive with social visits on the way took 16 hours, and I've decided that it's survey time. Click here to take the first-ever Texas in Africa reader survey. It's short, sweet, totally anonymous, and you should feel guilty if you don't take ten seconds to fill it out.


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