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always on the sunny side

Today's approximately the happiest day ever. Austin gets Jet Blue! Happy day! Now I can afford to go to New York and New England! For $178 round-trip! And there's free Direct TV in every seat! And all the reservations agents are Mormon housewives working from home in Utah. Woo-hoo!

Other things that are good:
  1. Committee member #3 is off of jury duty because the case was settled. Thank goodness.
  2. The Advisor is leaving town and won't be back until Saturday. And won't read my latest proposal draft until Saturday. This is actually bad because it makes the prospect of defending on Tuesday a bit less likely. But it's also a bit of a relief, because now I can sleep/pack/shop/hang out with my sister guilt-free for a couple of days.
  3. Trip-related things that are done: travel insurance (check), medicines bought (check), finances arranged (check), visa obtained (check).
  4. Current guilty pleasure Project Runway season 2 did the Ice Capades! Nick flipped out over meeting a figure skater, answering any lingering questions about his preferences! The designers had to skate! In hideous ice skating costumes! Hilarity ensued! And Santino showed something almost resembling human empathy to Emmett there at the end! And Jay is judging next week! And now everyone left except for Kara has actual talent, so the cuts two weeks from now will be really painful. (My pick for the final three: Chloe, Nick, and Andrae or Daniel. They're the most consistently strong. Although Santino makes for good television, it's just a matter of time before the judges beat the producers in the battle over how long he stays.) Thank goodness for the late-night reruns for those of us who were out.
  5. Speaking of, I saw a great show this evening from the least-likely-to-make-a-children's-album band in Austin. And yet, their next album will be for kids. More on that tomorrow.


Blogger Emily said...

I agree - Chloe, Nick, and I think Daniel. Santino's about out - what's saved him is that it's a bigger sin to the PR judges to be boring vs. over the top. I just don't see the other folks - except maybe Kara - losing to him.

And oh, it will make for good TV when Santino is out. I think he will go off.

Thursday, January 19, 2006 3:28:00 PM


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