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thursday's child

Clearly, I'm getting a little obsessed with the Iron & Wine/Calexico pairing, given that I'm now reading reviews of shows I didn't see. Who are you to judge? Anyway, in their DC show last night, they played the cover of the Velvet Underground's "All Tomorrow's Parties" that they played on KUT the day after their show here a month ago. If it was half as gorgeous as the KUT set, it must have really been something. AND Salvador Duran showed up for "In the Reins" and to play some of his own stuff. Who's jealous? That would be me. At least NPR broadcast it, which means there's something to listen to while working on the dissertation tomorrow.

I refuse to apologize for being obsessed with this thing. The EP was amazing, the October 30 Austin show rocked, and Joey Burns is hot. Those of you in Nashvegas should be sure to catch their December 15 show at Mercy Lounge, that groovy newish venue in the same building as the Cannery Ballroom.


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