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family values

My friend Emily links to the Chronic(what?)cles of Narnia skit from SNL a couple of weeks back. So funny!

And Lauren Winner (author of Girl Meets God, one of my favorite books on spirituality, primarily because she starts by recounting how she and a friend were in Oxford, Mississippi on the day my favorite author Willie Morris passed from this life. They were sad to hear the news, so they went and drank bourbon at Faulkner's grave. Which is exactly what Morris would've done if it had been someone else.) has a nice piece on the megachurch view of family and how it differs from the New Testament view of family, all in the context of the Willow Creek et al decision to not have services on Christmas Sunday. While she's probably not right about everything she says, Winner has a point. It seems to me that very conservative Christians have long been tempted to worship two idols: family and the Bible. Neither one is unimportant, but neither is more fundamental than Jesus.

Brett Younger has another really good piece along those lines.


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