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week-late concert review: iron & wine and calexico

Last Sunday, new Austinite Sam Beam (who performs as Iron & Wine) and Tucson's super-cool Calexico played to a sold-out crowd at Stubb's. After a painful opening set from Edith Frost (that's "froost" rhyming with pretentious Frenchie Proust, not "frost" as in jack), Calexico took the stage. Dreamy lead singer Joey Burns was wearing the exact same pearl snaps shirt he had on at their amazing SXSW show at Antone's (for which I was on the front row, thanks very much!) It took awhile for them to get into the Southwestern border groove that makes them one of my favorite bands to see live, but once they played "Alone or," they were on for the rest of hte evening. Iron & Wine then performed a ton of songs off several albums, including The Creek Drank the Cradle, Our Endless Numbered Days, and this year's Woman King EP. He played a very sweet version of "Naked as We Came," which is one of my favorite love songs.

Unfortunately, Beam went on a little too long, meaning that the highlight of the evening had to be cut short due to the noise ordinance that cuts off live music outdoors in Austin at 10:30 on weeknights. Despite that, the two bands were able to play five of the seven cuts off of In the Reins EP (they did not play my two favorites, "History of Lovers" and "Sixteen, Maybe Less") as well as covers of "Willie's "Always on my Mind" and "Wild Horses." This EP is one of my favorite current listens - the combination of Beam's skill as a songwriter and Calexico's amazing ability to set a mood makes for some incredible American music.

It rocked. You really should see it. And if anyone has a tape of their live performance on Eklektikos on KUT Monday at noon, I'd love to have a recording of their cover of Lou Reed's All Tomorrow's Parties.

Next on the live music radar: Dwight Yoakam's show at Stubb's on Saturday night, to which I just won tickets. Thank-you, KVET!


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