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trademark shenanigans

Just a week after Homecoming (and a week after all the alumni have left town), the search committee and/or regents are set to announce a new nominee for the Baylor's (c) presidency this afternoon at 3. Looks like they may also go ahead and make it official. My sources indicate that it's probably John Lilley '62, who has been president of the University of Nevada at Reno since 2001. Other names still floating are Randall O'Brien and Reagan Ramsower.

Lilley has a long history of higher education administration experience and before that was on the faculty at the Claremont Colleges. This means he 1) understands the value of a teaching institution and 2) knows how to manage a budget and fundraise. Both factors are absolutely critical for Baylor these days. What's not clear is whether his doctorate from USC was a PhD or an EdD. The former is really important to many faculty members at Baylor (c). From Lilley's bios, it sounds like music education might have been his field. We'll see if this mystery gets solved in the next few weeks. Meanwhile, Baylor (c) grads everywhere will be glad to learn that he was named a distinguished alumnus of Baylor (c) earlier this year.

I'm going to reserve judgment until we learn more.


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