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tears in heaven

So, the new Left Behind has gone straight to DVD rather than getting a theatrical release like the first one. Kirk Cameron, what happened? You used to be so dreamy and so too-cool-for-school. Whatever happened to the Mikey we knew and loved?

What happened is that Kirk fell in with the scary Christians, who were only too happy to have his dreamy good looks and wholesome family life in their really bad films. My favorite Kirk Cameron project of the moment is The Way of the Master, a witnessing program that airs late at night in Austin and in prime time on the family channel in Nairobi, Kenya. When I saw it there in August, the episode was all about how people just don't believe they're going to be cast into the lake of fire. Aren't you glad to know that what Kenyans learn about America comes at least in part from this?

But that's not all! Kirk has products for sale, Kirk has clips to view, and Kirk has an advice column! You can read the latest of Kirk's words of wisdom at "Friends don't let friends go to hell."

Now, I am a Baptist, but I'm not that kind of Baptist. (I'm this kind of Baptist.) The Left Behind empire is based on sketchy theology that only dates back about a century and that seeks to employ scare tactics above all else. And trying to scare people into belief in Christ seems to me to be really wrong. It doesn't emphasize that God is a God of love and that it's about grace, not punishment. But of course these types usually prefer their women to keep silent.


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