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sleeping in Karl Rove's bed

So Karl Rove won't face prosecution in his little Kerrville voting scandal. This probably isn't something you've heard about, but the basic issue is that he's registered to vote in Kerr County at the cottages that are part of the B&B between Ingram and Hunt that he and Darby own. And that he apparently claimed multiple homestead exemptions and had to pay some money back. Really, I wouldn't care too much about this except for the fact that I have in fact stayed in that cozy little cottage on the banks of the Guadalupe, entirely by accident.

It's kindof a long story, but basically, western Kerr County is one of my favorite places in the world. My best friends from college and I get together for a girls' weekend once a year, so last winter we found a nice B&B out that way and learned on our tour of the property just who owned the place. I nearly swallowed my tongue, especially when the manager told us that Rove loves to cannonball off the dock in the summer and that since she couldn't remember his new title, "deputy-something," she just calls him "Dippity-Doo."

Despite the fact that I was less than thrilled with putting money into the Rove family legal defense fund by staying there, it's a lovely place and I recommend it without reservation (although you'll need a reservation, especially in the summer when the place fills up with parents dropping off/picking up their children at the camps in the area). And if you really want to have some fun while in a famous-for-DC type's home, we can recommend jumping on the bed:


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