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Lilleys in the snow

Update on John Lilley, rumored to be the leading candidate for Baylor's presidency, from a friend who has access to this kind of information:

"Dr. John Mark Lilley received a DMA (which, according to the web site, I think stands for "Early Music Performance") from the Thornton School of Music at USC in 1971. He majored in Church Music."

So another Baylor president who doesn't have a PhD. I don't have time to fully explain snobbery in the academic world right now, but basically, many PhD's think that they shouldn't have to put up with administrators who haven't jumped through the same hoops as they have. And there's a general feeling that a PhD is harder to get than other doctoral degrees. So who knows how this will fly with the Baylor faculty. I do think he's got more credibility than Sloan ever did, based on his extensive experience in higher ed admin.


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