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killin' time is killin' me

I'm killing time in Washington today and have been trying to decide what to do. Got up and went for a nice run on the Hill, but it's a little chilly to be out there for too long. But if the House is going to be this much fun today, maybe I should take some popcorn over to the gallery.

Seriously. This is embarrassing. Back in the day, Texas in Africa was quite active in the Youth in Legislature program, where high school students take over the Tennessee Capitol for four days. I served in the House and on the Governor's cabinet. Screaming matches, stupid points-of-order, and resolution trickery were the norm. And I've always maintained that the House is a lot like a high school, what with being so big and full of cliques and a nasty pecking order (this is the bias shared by everyone who has worked on the Senate side).

But my gosh. At Youth Leg, we were high school students. We weren't actually responsible for anything. Like a war in Iraq that's killing thousands of Americans and Iraqis. Maybe I'll go over to Arlington to put some flowers on Ken's grave and think about this democracy of ours for which so many have sacrificed their lives. And maybe I'll say a prayer that our government can get its act together, stop letting absolute power corrupt absolutely, and somehow reconcile this mess.


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