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home sweet prejudiced home

Well, Floyd County, of which my original hometown of Floydada is the county seat, was one of the ten most supportive counties in Texas when it came to Prop 2 voting. Why anyone would be shocked by this news is unclear. I imagine everyone's proud of the fact that they outdid those liberals over in Crosbyton. That might almost make up for the Whirlwind's 3-7 record this football season. You've got to have something to cling to in late November if you didn't make the playoffs.

Support for Prop 2 by percentages of voters, via In The Pink:
HARTLEY: 94% (810 voting yes, 49 voting no)
DALLAM: 94% (615 voting yes, 37 voting no)
MOTLEY: 95% (327 voting yes, 19 voting no)
CHILDRESS: 95% (902 voting yes, 51 voting no)
GARZA: 95% (644 voting yes, 35 voting no)
HANSFORD: 95% (902 voting yes, 47 voting no)
OCHILTREE: 95% (1,373 voting yes, 71 voting no)
PARMER: 95% (911 voting yes, 47 voting no)
FLOYD: 95% (1,134 voting yes, 55 voting no)
MARTIN: 95% (644 voting yes, 31 voting no)


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