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help a cute kid

I've gotten notes on this from about six different directions, so here's my post on Nashville kiddos Kate and Caroline Kirk. From my old pastor:

"My good friend and former staff colleague, Mary Gurski, has two beautiful nieces, both of whom have Niemann-Pick Type A/B Disease, a very rare--literally 1 in a million--and, usually, fatal genetic disorder.

"While Caroline's, age 6, symptoms have progressed too far for treatment, Kate, age 3, has had a potentially life-saving transplant of cord-blood stem cells. I recommend the girls and their family to you for your prayers and, also, offer their web site, http://www.forkatessake.org/, to you as a place to learn more.

"If you'd like to help in another way, too, you can find a link on the site to a Christmas album, To Kate: An Americana Christmas Album, recorded to benefit the Children's Organ Transplant Association (COTA), and in honor of Kate. The project was produced by Garry Tallent (bass player in Bruce Springsteen's E-Street Band), and includes songs from a collection of top roots/alt. country talents including John Prine, Steve Earle & Allison Moorer, and actor John Corbett (My Big Fat Greek Wedding, Northern Exposure). Oh, yes. Caroline and Kate live in Nashville. :)"

Now, if the story and the children aren't enough get you thinking about what you can do, maybe this track listing will help:

To Kate: A Benefit for Kate's Sake
1. BR549 - The Christmas Song
2. Jim Lauderdale - Holly & Her Mistletoe
3. Buddy & Julie Miller - Away In A Manger
4. The Big Happy - Gift Wrapped Boy
5. Bob Delevante - Half Bad In The Snow
6. John Corbett - Ain't No Trouble To Me
7. Joe Ely - Winterlude
8. Jason & The Scorchers - Oh! Holy Night
9. Raul Malo - Pretty Paper
10. Steve Earle & Allison Moorer - Nothing But a Child
11. Henry Gross - What A Christmas
12. Rosie Flores - Christmas Everyday
13. John Prine - I'll Be Home for Christmas
14. Jeff Black - Winter Wonderland

It's worth the $15 alone to hear Buddy and Julie Miller sing "Away in a Manger" for sure, and you get John Prine doing "I'll Be Home for Christmas." This is the first Americana Christmas compilation album, so if that's important to you, well, here you go. You can buy the album for $15 at Paste Music here. Or you could zip on down to Waterloo and pick up a copy.


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