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great wall

Here's why I love the kids at my church. Tonight at dinner (that would be Wednesday night dinner before Prayer Meeting. I'm that kind of Baptist.), we were talking about Prop 2 (which makes gay marriage double super-secret illegal in Texas now) one of the teenagers says to me, "Did you see that party at the church? I was going to call you because isn't that illegal?"

That made me happy in some small way. At least there are some Christian teenagers in this city who know that there's supposed to be a line between the church and the state.

However, the celebration/vote-watch at Great Hills "Six Flags Over Jesus" Baptist Church was not illegal, because under the 501(c)3 portion of the tax code, churches may maintain their tax-exempt status when campaigning on "pending legislation," so long as "no substantial part of its activity may be attempting to influence legislation." The language is so vague (what is a "substantial part of its activity"?) that no church has been found in violation of the statue since its inception in 1934. What does get churches into trouble is endorsement of particular candidates.

Don't say you never learned anything from my blog. Tax codes, football scores, African volcanoes -- it's all here.


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