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committeement problems

Baptist committee meetings have a way of making me want to become Catholic. They're boring, inefficient, and very little is accomplished that couldn't be covered in a well-written memo. Unfortunately, most of my Tuesday evenings this past year have been taken up with meetings of my church's building committee. These meetings tend to stress me out in and of themselves, and being as we meet downtown in the middle of rush hour, the drive there has a tendency to be annoying before the discussion even starts.

But today on the drive in there was 1) no traffic! and 2) this really great story on NPR about the influence of the blogosphere in making Clap Your Hands Say Yeah! popular, the challenges of truly independent indie rock production, and Pitchfork's undue influence on it all. Very interesting and it left me with much less tension going into the meeting. You can listen to the story here. Hooray for less stress at the building committee!

(P.S. On CYHSY - they've a little overrated. And not quite my thing. And Pitchfork does hvae too much power, but we all read it anyway. Here's betting CYHSY will be between 50-75 on their year-end best-ofs.)


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