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saturday update

Texas won. After scaring us half to death in the first half.

Baylor lost at Homecoming against Tech (whose idea was that?). Didn't even score. But they held the Red Raiders to 6 points through most of the third quarter. I sure hope Texas is paying attention to that defense before heading up to Waco next weekend.

Yale beat Columbia, 37-3, leaving some hope that they might be able to challenge Harvard in the Game in three weeks.

Lemony Snicket was the funniest speaker ever. We had great seats, right up front, and he talked to Julia and to me. Suffice it to say that between the "danse" depicting Mr. Snicket's unfortunate picnic encounter with a crocodile, the cry that "Being in the balcony won't save you now!," and the accordion-assisted rendition of "If You See Count Olaf, Scream and Run Away or You'll Die," no one should be able to forget the three important moral lessons we learned: 1) Never raise your hand (because it might expose your armpit to attack by a vicious creature); 2) If you see Count Olaf, scream and run away; and 3) If you squeeze anything hard enough, eventually it will make a noise.

To add to the list of reasons to dislike Barnes and Noble, they 1) did not plan for their volunteers to be able to hear the speech and 2) did not have nearly enough wristbands for the book-signing. We were somewhat heartbroken to find that we wouldn't get our books signed, but the fact that Mr. Snicket was 2 feet from us almost made up for that.


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