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sad day

It's fun to see the White House get its come-uppance, but this is a really sad day for America. Tom Delay is wrong - it's not a crime to be conservative. It is a crime to behave as though you are in any way above the law, even if you fully believe that your cause is just. What makes America great is that we abide by the rule of law -- and the laws are developed not by fiat, but by a representative, collaborative process. When our leaders start behaving otherwise, as both Delay and Libby are accused of so doing, we run the risk of eroding that principle. And places where the rule of law doesn't prevail are not fun places to live. I don't want my country to be a place like that. I want my country to be a place where public officials are held to the highest standards of ethical behavior, where the rule of law prevails, and where we develop policies that give all people the chance to pursue their dreams.

Breaking news: Libby has resigned.


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