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the other white meat

Burnt Orange Report (several of whose posters are my former students - way to apply those reasoning skills!) posts online and files an election law complaint concerning the unbelievable letter on Prop 2 that Representative Chisum sent out ON TEXAS HOUSE LETTERHEAD to pastors in his district.

Now. Far be it from me to determine whether he actually violated election law. I'm sure it's more complicated when it comes to propositions as opposed to candidate elections. What's appalling is his assumption that all pastors and people of faith will support Prop 2, and his use of state letterhead to campaign for something using religion. What's amusing is the fact that all this was brought to BOR's attention by the Reverend William D. Nix, Jr. of Canadian. Chisum is from Pampa, and it and Canadian (which, incidentally, has managed to build a tourist industry based on its status as home of the Spring Lesser Prairie Chicken) are close to our family's place on the prairie. When it comes to the Panhandle and the High Plains these days, it's generally a safe bet to assume that many people vote conservative. But it's not a safe bet to assume that you ever know what anyone will think on any single issue. If my granddaddy were still around, I bet he'd have something to say about politicians who get a little big for their britches and start making too many assumptions. Or maybe he'd just roll his eyes and go back to shelling pecans with his granddaughters on the back porch.


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