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game on!

It's my favorite weekend of the year. When I was growing up, the third weekend in October (whether actually the third or not) was the big Tennessee-Alabama game weekend. It was always so pretty, the leaves were changing, it was crisp and cool, and everyone was excited about the big game, whether they cheered for the Vols or the Tide. (By the way Ken Mobley, wherever you are, whatever you're doing (oooh! apparently professional golf!), you still owe Kristen and me $10 for that bet we made in carpool over the results of the 1986 game (Alabama 56, Tennessee 28). We won't charge interest.).

That game is still big, and it looks like Phil Fulmer may need to watch his back, but this is also the best home game we have this year. Texas Tech -- where I was born, where my parents went to school, where my uncle played tight end -- is in town. This is always a big weekend for us, but this year Tech comes in ranked 7th in the BCS and 1st in offensive yardage. With College GameDay Live in town, a fun tailgate planned, and what should be a really great game on a beautiful October day, it just doesn't get much better than this.

(I feel sooooooooo guilty about this picture....)


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