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Oh, happy day, part deux

My dear, wonderful Aunt Becki just saved me from a LONG day Wednesday in the OU draw line by writing to tell me that she's got TWO 50-yard line seats for the game with my name on them! The catch is that they're on the OU side and I have to promise not to gloat too much, but that's fine! THE FIFTY YARD LINE to watch Texas finally win this thing.

I don't know that words can convey how happy I am at the moment! Proposal not finished? Can't figure out what dissertation is actually about? Advisor breathing down neck over said document? Miserably hot outside? Stupidity continuing to be himself? None of it matters anymore -- at least for the next two weeks. Between tubing yesterday, picking up my ACL wristband today, and getting this awesome news tonight, this is looking to be a fantastic week.

Those of you who want to go along should email the reason you deserve the ticket and I'll pick the saddest story. Remember, it's in the OU section and you have to be nice to my family!


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