"Africa is, indeed, coming into fashion." - Horace Walpole (1774)


Halfway to Nashville...

...and it sounds like I should take Ryan Adams with me. His second release of the year, Jacksonville City Nights, is beautiful, purer country than anything he ever did with Whiskeytown (Yes, I'm still bitter. I'll get over it. If I can ever bring myself to stop listening to Pneumonia). So he plays a lot of wacked-out sets. So it's likely that he'll die young from some combination of depression and/or whatever he's on. So he says lots of profane words in afternoon sets at big music festivals where young children are in attendance. This is a gorgeous album and if "September" doesn't affect you, you don't have a soul.

I'm off to Tennessee to escape the oppressive heat, spend time with my mama and daddy, eat biscuits at the Loveless Cafe, watch the Franklin Rebels play our biggest rival (those Brentwood snobs), hear some fantastic bluegrass at the Station Inn, meet my best friend's Mr. He's-the-One, and generally enjoy being at a place where the internet connection is so slow that it isn't worth it to try. Y'all have a good weekend!


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